Flutterwave and PayPal Partnership for online payments

Following the acquisition of  Paystack, last year, Flutterwave, announced the strategic partnership with PayPal, an online global payment platform. The partnership was disclosed earlier today.

One of the main purposes of this partnership is to enable people residing in Africa, including Nigeria, to receive payments with their PayPal account through Flutterwave.

Very importantly, the partnership will enable over 377million customers bridge infrastructural weakness in doing business within Africa and the world.

The new partnership was revealed through a tweet by Flutterwave, which reads:

“As we build the largest payment infrastructure in Africa @theflutterwave, we also know that Africa does not exist in isolation.

We need to connect Africa to the world when it comes to payments and we took a closer step to that today.

All Paypal users can now pay African businesses from anywhere in the world, on our gateway. We’re excited to be opening up a world of opportunities for businesses in Africa!”

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