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Over the years, there have been a limited online platform for skilled personnel. Also, in many parts of the country, having a skill has been underrated, commonly called a mere ‘hand work’. We believe it must have crossed minds at one point or another, the importance of having unlimited access to a platform that showcases skills in the best professional way; a platform that portrays a skilled person as equivalent to a graduate.

Thankfully, times have changed. We now live in a developing world, where startups and businesses require more skilled persons than just certificate bearers. Being a graduate is definitely honourable, but having a skill gives you a big edge and even bigger chances of getting good jobs, or being gainfully self-employed.

That platform is finally HERE!

(Left)Chairman of TSL Nigeria, a major partner of mySkillConnect, (Right) Founder of mySkillConnect mobile app

We are glad so glad to announce that your hopes have been met.

“Do you have a skill?”, or rather,

“Are you a business?”

“Do you need a platform to showcase and promote your business to people around your locality?”

mySkillConnect is here for you!

mySkillConnect is an app where you can apply as a skilled person or artisan, and be guaranteed a job, as well as build your business proficiently. Are you in need of a ‘cook’, ‘tailor’, ‘plumber’, ‘carpenter’, ‘electrician’, ‘painter’ and many more, then this amazing app is just for you.


During the official launch of mySkillConnect, which took place on the Dec 15th 2020, at Benin City, Edo State, the chairman of the occasion, Engr. Gideon Ikhine, a serial Entrepreneur and the chairman of NUGI LLC, also the former Edo State Gubernatorial aspirant went ahead to say,

myskillconnect is basically to enhance our employment in the country and to connect those who actually have skills to those who need the skills”.

Engr. Gideon Ikhine, the Chairman of NUGI LLC and former Edo State Gubernatorial aspirant

Engr. Gideon, also said that the launch was an awareness program and people are basically going to know mySkillConnect exist and by doing so, the company will build on the platform and gather information from artisans and business owners across the 36 states in the country. He went ahead to encourage investors to take opportunity of this great innovation and be part of something that could make significant impact in the lives of people and the world.


The Founder of mySkillConnect, Mr. Patrick Ubuane believes the unique app will massively reduce unemployment in Nigeria, revolutionize client-customer relationships, ease of business and improve employability across all boards, and most importantly, militarize the approach to artisan hiring and transactions. The app will also help in the location of trained artisans at affordable prices with none of the unnecessary searching, inconveniences or time-wasting associated with incompetent service providers; effectively simplifying everyday life.

(Mr. Patrick Ubuane, the Founder of mySkillConnect mobile app)

The Founder of myskillconnect said.

“The idea behind myskillconnect is to provide a platform for skilled individuals to express and showcase their talents. The app will also be a medium for business owner or employers to find talented individuals for part time or seasonal job around their locality.”

On another note, mySkillConnect will aid end-users eliminate third party agents, remove corporate bureaucracies associated with connecting professionals with their clientele and vice versa. The app will play a major role in fostering the growth of successful work partnerships, void of dependencies on certain skill providers, while allowing skill providers develop a niche within their neighborhood. It is fast, easy, cost-effective and consistently reliable.

The founder, Mr. Patrick, also went ahead to describe some features on the app saying, “mySkillConnect operates on a user-centred integrated interface, easy to use with seamless processes; it is a location-based smart app; which includes smart suggestions, photo display catalogue, inbuilt payment systems and map-based visibility allowing for easy search and discoverability.

Like every social platform, mySkillConnect helps skill providers build networks with like minded people, share updates and milestones, display skills, cross-network social sharing with other social media platforms, in-app instant messaging, hence, removing third part app dependency.”

DOWNLOAD the mySkillConnect app today on Playstore and IOS Store, to Work.Sell.Connect.

You can also follow on all social media platforms @myskillconnect. For more information on partnership, collaboration, kindly send an email to ‘’ , call +2349159950000 or visit their official website

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