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Clement Izuagie


I Love this app. Thank you mySkillConnect for this opportunity. Can’t wait to have more people on this platform. This is the best place to be.

TSLNigeria TV

Business Owner

Great app but I struggled to sign up. I will like that to be fixed, other than that I love how the app looks and work. I believe with more

Engr Gideon Ikhine

Business Owner

myskillconnect is basically to enhance our employment in the country and to connect those who actually have skills to those who need the skills.

Akinnaso Atinuke


I have been using this app since they launched last year and I can say I am very impressed with how far they have gone and developed. The app is

Rejoyce Emmunyerokene


This app is one of the best app I have seen for skilled artisans & employer, the app has alot of exciting features and connects you with like-minded people around