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How It Works

mySkillConnect is a location-based smart app that features smart suggestions, an integrated payment system, real time job tracking and map-based visibility for enhanced user experience.

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What Features You Will Get From App

mySkillConnect offers a user-centric, intuitive interface that simplifies the process of connecting clients with creative professionals. As a location-based smart app, it incorporates intelligent suggestions, visually appealing photo catalogues, and map-based visibility, making it easy for customers to search and discover the perfect match for their needs.

In addition to its seamless navigation, mySkillConnect promotes networking among like-minded individuals by allowing creatives to share updates, and milestones, and showcase their talents. The platform also enables cross-network social sharing with other popular social media platforms, further expanding its reach and impact.

One of the key features of mySkillConnect is its integrated in-app messaging system, which eliminates the need for third-party apps and streamlines communication between clients and artisans. The app also includes a secure inbuilt payment system, ensuring a hassle-free and transparent transaction process for both parties.

We aim to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly experience that makes it effortless for clients to find creatives while empowering creatives to build their networks and showcase their talents.

User Profile

Creatives can create profiles showcasing their skills, experience, portfolio, certifications, & ratings. 

Reviews & Rating

Our system will help future clients make informed decisions and encourage creatives to maintain high-quality work.

Inbuilt Payment

We ensure prompt and reliable payments for creatives, while also offering clients peace of mind through an escrow service.

Dispute System

To address any issues or concerns that may arise between creatives and clients.

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We Offer Perfect Solution

mySkillConnect app is set to transform the way clients and creatives connect, streamlining business transactions and enhancing employability across various industries. By redefining the creative hiring process, this app makes it simple to find creative professionals at affordable rates without the hassle, inconvenience, or wasted time typically associated with unqualified service providers.

Designed to eliminate the need for third-party agents and bypass corporate bureaucracy, mySkillConnect directly connects creative professionals with their clients, fostering the growth of successful working relationships. This revolutionary platform empowers creatives to develop a niche within their local communities while eliminating dependencies on specific service providers.

One of the key features of mySkillConnect is its secure payment system, which ensures timely and reliable transactions between clients and creatives. This eliminates payment delays and disputes, promoting trust and reliability in the creative industry. Additionally, the app includes a built-in dispute resolution system that effectively addresses any issues that may arise, further enhancing the platform's credibility and dependability.

With its fast, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and consistently reliable features, mySkillConnect is the perfect solution for both clients and creatives seeking a seamless and efficient way to collaborate, build trust, and grow their businesses.

Why mySkillConnect?

Apps Features & Support Which Give You More Freedom

mySkillConnect is an online marketplace dedicated to bringing ease to connecting skilled and semi-skilled workers for part-time or seasonal jobs, around their neighborhood from the comfort of their smart devices. 

  • Post & Apply for Jobs
  • Search for creatives & Jobs around your local community.
  • Users can filter search results based on criteria
  • Clients can rate and review artisans based on their experience.
  • Our transparent pricing system, provides clear information on the costs associated with hiring a creative.
  • Users can communicate through the app's messaging system.
  • Our dispute resolution system helps address any issues or concerns that may arise between artisans and clients.
  • Clients can track the location and progress of the creative they hire.
  • 24/7 Customer support to assist creatives and clients with any issue or query.

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User Review & Feedback

We appreciate your reviews & feedback, because it is the only way to serve you better. Below are some of our reviews and feedback.

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