Community Guidelines

We know that people of all ages and stages use mySkillConnect, including some of our own family and friends! So the team at mySkillConnect works hard to make sure that mySkillConnect is a safe and enjoyable app for everyone.

Our Community Guidelines will help you understand what’s expected on mySkillConnect, and what should be reported to us.

At mySkillConnect, we’re committed to…

  • Working hard to find great opportunities for talent.
  • Educating talent about how the industry works – including what to expect in jobs and auditions, how to create a great profile to get noticed and how to stay safe online.
  • Working closely with organisation to make mySkillConnect the best place to discover talent from all over the world.
  • Asking questions before we place jobs, so we can give talent as much information about projects as we can.
  • Monitoring every job listing, message and photo to check it’s safe and appropriate for mySkillConnect.
  • Listening to our talent and Organisations – let us know if you have seen something that worries you, and we’ll take you seriously.

Being part of the mySkillConnect Community #mySkillConnectSquad

mySkillConnect is for people of every age, race, gender, size, shape and experience level. As part of the mySkillConnect community, we expect our talent and professionals to follow these guidelines:

  • Treat everyone with respect. We don’t put up with abusive language, threats, repeated unwanted messages, hate speech or harassment of any kind.
  • Everyone’s time is valuable. If you commit to holding or attending an audition, make sure you’re on time, or let the other party know well in advance if you can’t make it.
  • Make sure to check messages regularly and follow through on anything you have promised to do.
  • Keep it legal. Make sure you’re aware of laws or regulations in your area that apply to the projects you run. For example, if you’re making a film that requires minors, find out what the legal requirements for child employment are in your area.
  • Help us look after the community. If you see anything that concerns you (for example a listing, a message or a profile photo), let us know using our REPORT buttons.
  • Take safety seriously. If you use mySkillConnect to communicate intentions of serious harm towards yourself, another member or one of our staff, we will take this seriously. If we have strong concerns regarding wellbeing, these will be escalated to our Senior Management Team and we may report our concern to the relevant authorities.
  • Be supportive and build each other up. If you see someone with a great profile, leave a comment to let them know! If you’ve worked with someone awesome, leave them a recommendation – they might just write you one in return!
  • Kindness is key. At mySkillConnect we welcome talent from all experience levels. This means that not everyone will have the knowledge and expertise of seasoned members. We ask that any feedback is given constructively – what is obvious to you, may not be to others.

Guidelines for placing jobs on mySkillConnect

Who uses mySkillConnect?

  • You can list opportunities for drycleaner, ushers, models, musicians, dancers, hair and make up artists, stylists, photographers, reality TV participants and more.
  • We allow jobs for total beginners, right through to jobs needing professional talent. These include feature films, short films, modelling jobs, corporate videos, stills shoots, callouts from agents scouting new talent to represent, Events, theatre and more.
  • Jobs come from a huge range of professionals, with a huge range of budgets. This includes projects from student filmmakers, freelance photographers, advertising agencies, award winning production companies, wedding coverage and professional Casting Directors.

What kind of work can I post on mySkillConnect?

  • The person posting the job sets the payment on offer. mySkillConnect doesn’t take a booking fee or a commission on jobs booked.
  • Payments may need to comply with any local national minimum wage rules. The employer is responsible for this.
  • We encourage employers and organisation to be upfront about the opportunity on offer, and the fees or payment, so talent can put the job into context and decide if it’s right for them.
  • Vouchers, store credit or product in exchange for work (i.e. contra) are not considered as payment on mySkillConnect – but can be a nice draw card for an Unpaid job.
  • Opportunities that are unpaid, or that offer expenses.
  • Our members tell us they love the huge range of jobs available on mySkillConnect, so we’ve decided to list some unpaid or ‘expenses only’ opportunities and let talent decide what’s right for them.
  • We work hard to educate employers or organisation about what’s appropriate. For instance, if a student filmmaker is making a no-budget graduation film, our members tell us they’d like to hear about that, and understand why no payment is offered. If someone places a job that seems commercial in nature but offers no payment, we’ll reach out to find out more and encourage payment.
  • We listen to our talent. If we receive complaints about certain opportunities we may remove the job listing. If we feel we can’t place an unpaid or ‘expenses only’ listing we’ll get in touch with the listing owner to discuss it.
  • We wish ALL jobs on offer could be paid. This is a tricky issue and one we’re always listening to our members on, to make sure there’s a range of great and genuine opportunities on site for everyone.

What else is good to know?

  • If any job listing (paid or unpaid) is causing concern for any reason, you can report it by clicking the ‘report this job listing’ link on the job listing in question, and we’ll review it.
  • If there’s a fee involved in a job or event, it must be stated up front. We only allow fees that are clearly industry-related and within industry norms.
  • We expect calls to use respectful language, even when describing colourful characters.
  • We expect owners of jobs to be upfront and honest about their experience, the nature of their project, and what they will be asking talent to do. We will ask questions about someone’s experience and their project if we feel we need to know more, on behalf of the talent who’ll be applying for roles.
  • The safety of our members is our top priority. For certain jobs we’ll need extra information – for example to place a job listing for minors, we need a copy of the job listing owner’s ID on file.

The legal bit: We do our best to ensure fair outcomes, but we reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove content for any reason, but particularly to protect our talent, employers, organisation, and our services. We reserve the right to enforce, or not enforce, these guidelines in our sole discretion. These guidelines don’t create a duty or contractual obligation for us to act in any particular manner.

If you have any questions about our Community Guidelines, please get in touch at